We are the trusted and preferred paying guest accommodation provider disrupting the Indian home rental industry by making shared living homes better and affordable to everyone.


Every Yube1 Stay residence has a different location, sharing-type, facility package and other value-added services. So naturally, the rent for each varies accordingly. It starts from Rs. 5,000 a month, and can reach up to Rs. 30,000, if you opt for our all-inclusive package

Well ! Starting from your bedroom, youll be provided with a Bed with mattress, pillow, bedlin, a wardrobe and storage/a bedside table, window curtains, a table and a chair. Youll be sharing things like a TV, Wifi, washing machine, refrigerator, dining table, full

Well, that’s up to you. We offer single, double, triple and quad-sharing rooms. Keeping in mind me-time and we-time we believe in offering a balance of community living and privacy and decision is on your hands to choose how you want to share your space.

We design our sharing structure with an high importance to your personal space and as well as common space subjcet to Demand, Location and size of the property.

You can either book it online or reach out to us through the various media listed on our website. But we’d like you to be absolutely sure, so we recommend you visit our properties, schedule an visit and book only if you like what you see. Head over here to see

All you have to do is to pay a token amount when booking request is generated. Note that the token amount is refundable only when the booking is not confirmed or if Yube1 is unable to provide you with accommodation of your choice.

Deposit of one month only which is equivalent to a month’s rent is charged and may vary according to the property in which you are staying.

Your deposit can be refunded when you leave the room permanently after serving the notice period of 30 days. Please note that the refund will be processed to the account details mentioned in the KYC details within 30 days of your exit.This timeline and payment

On serving a notice period of 30 days deposit will be refunded. Deposit will would be held only if :
If she/he vacates the room without paying his/her rent and,
If some sort of deductable/damages or anyother pending payment.

With wide variety of cuisine we will be providing two meals a day on subscription basis

We have few rules and regulations for allowing third parties to stay or visit:
We accpet guests until 8 PM in your room and guests of opposite gender (except parents) are only allowed to visit you in the common / recreational area.
Any guest who will be staying had to be informed to us by rasing a Ticket 3 days before the actual date of arrival and allowed subject to which we at Yube1 allow based on KYC verification
If your guest is staying overnight, then you have to make payments accordingly:-
Up to 3 days: Rs 500/- per day per person
Exceeding 3 days: Entire month’s rent and security deposit
Primary tenant is liable to your guest's conducts and payments during the stay period.

At Yube1 we provide best in class hospitality with our highly trained and equipped team. The whole property will be maintained in the same standard.

One can raise a ticket and file their complaints through the Yube1 app and our maintenance team will reach you as sooon as possible.

Collecting KYC is the process of identifying and verifying the identity of its clients.

We take no responsibility of your personal belongings. We advise you to keep your valuables under lock and key, and not share your cupboard key with others.

We are the fastest growing managed-accommodation brand in India. And we’re continuously looking for more cities where we can create more second homes. If you feel we should be in your vicinity, drop us a mail at (contact details)

At Yube1 we always lookout for property owners to establish new properites to build up an longterm relation ship.

Let it be an apartment building, hotel, standalone house, under-construction or just a plot of land.

Number of beds helps us choosing the right property. We provide single, double, triple and quad beds depending on the sizes of the rooms and our residences provide as low as 100 beds and keeping no limit on the maximum number.

Yes! an minimum period of 5 years

Nothing! Once we mutually sign the contracts then Yube1 will run the show up.

Permanent or longterm modifications like re-wiring, carpentary, civil modifications or any legal requirements for the modifications to be borne by the owner.

At Yube1 we follow Industry standards SOP to sort regular maintenance and repair of regular wear-and-tear. We only need your help in case there’s work required at the structural level.

There are more ways to be our partner on our journey. (Contact Details)

We have the following payment options :
Through UPI, IMPS/NEFT Transfer - No additional transaction charges applicable
Online payment gateway using Debit/redit Cards with processing fee of 1.5%.

The amount will get added to your wallet once bank transfer is successful. Since the transferred amount is less than payable amount, it would not be used for payment against any open invoices.

Your money is safe!

You can visit the property by scheduling an visit based on your convenience through our app / website.

Yes, a minimum stay period of One month.

Keeping in mind other people’s ease, pets are not allowed within the premises

For it to happen in a hassle free manner, just raise a ticket for interproperty transfer through Yube1 app mentioning all the details. And, your rent and deposit will get adjusted according to your preferred property.